January 03 2021 Blogging Copywriting

Yorkshire freelance journalist Andy Hirst from Huddersfield-based blogging and copywriting company AH! PR reveals how much it will cost a business to have a professional blog written


Content is king when it comes to pushing you high up Google rankings and blogging is an absolutely vital part of that.

Adverts are costly and are only around for a short time but a blog remains on the internet forever and can put you right on the first page of Google – but how many businesses use a professional blogger?

Many don’t because they have no idea what it will cost and some fear they will be charged a fortune.

Well, I’m here to put your mind at rest as Yorkshire-based copywriting and blogging company AH! PR charges from £75 per blog – way less than the vast majority of Google Adwords campaigns which have a very limited lifespan.

AH! PR founder Andy Hirst says: “It’s very hard for businesses to find out how much they will be charged for blogs so I thought I’d make it very transparent to potential clients.

“The charge starts from around £75 depending on how much research is needed and the average length of blogs is usually between 500 and 700 words. I’ll never write a blog before giving a client a fixed price first. It’s an incredible cost-effective way for a business to get its messages out there to potential customers ... and those messages can remain high up on Google for ages.

“A new client was dubious about what a blog could do but after I’d written one for him he immediately wanted me to write for him every month.”

Clients have seen the phenomenal value of blogging as Andy’s work has put them right up to the top of Google – here are just a few examples.

Alternative sandbag company FloodSax is number 2 on Google under the search term ‘wettest places in UK’ which drives hundreds of visitors to its website every week http://www.floodsax.co.uk/news/the-wettest-places-in-the-uk-revealed-and-why-the-people-who-live-there-need-floodsax-alternative-sandbags-for-flood-protection/

Industrial tanker company Qualitech Environmental Services saw its blog on fin fan cleaning go from nowhere to number 2 on Google in less than 2 weeks https://www.qualitechservices.co.uk/services/fin-fan-cleaning

The search term ‘what is velvet used for’ saw Andy’s blog for the Yorkshire Fabric Shop soar to number 2 on Google and it’s been there for months https://www.yorkshirefabricshop.com/post/what-is-velvet-used-for

So what do you get for your money? Well, a lot, actually.

Research – Andy looks at what a client’s rivals have written on a subject and then writes something better to try to push his client above their rivals on Google.

Expertise - clever use of keywords and search engine optimisation in the blog makes it easier for potential clients to find you.

Speed and accuracy – Andy is renowned for quickly grasping what a client wants to say and then transforming it into highly informative or entertaining blogs. He can turn a blog around in just hours if the client needs something publishing fast and can meet any deadline.

Experience – Andy’s done every kind of journalism imaginable from hard news crime stories to theatre reviews, features and campaigns so can write in a wide range of styles. He’s a former Head of Content for a well-respected Yorkshire media organisation so knows exactly what makes a strong headline, story and photo.

Value for money – just think what each blog is worth to you in terms of long-life internet presence instead of spending hundreds of pounds on Google Adwords.

Proven track record – Andy has lots of examples, testimonials and 5-star reviews proving the power of a professional blog and the positive impact it can have on your Google rankings.

Potential wide media coverage – if the blog is newsworthy enough it can be submitted to the media leading to exceptional coverage such as this http://ah-pr.com/work/phenomenal-media-coverage-for-press-release-written-by-yorkshire-copywriter-blogger-and-journalist-andy-hirst/

Photo – every blog will come with a Royalty-free photo.

Upload to your website – Andy can do that for you if you’re struggling.

Other services – Andy can write anything at all from you from rewriting your website content so it’s more SEO-friendly to sales and marketing information. He’s a wizard with the written word.

Contact Andy Hirst at AH! PR at andy@ah-pr.com or 07985 654822.