Here's why the Yorkshire Fabric Shop in Batley is now dominating Google top spots

How AH! PR helped a Yorkshire business reach the number one spot on Google for several search terms … with just one blog

The coronavirus crisis means the door to your business is now through Google and the task here was to help a Yorkshire firm keep doing business even though it had to shut its doors to the public.

The brief for Huddersfield copywriting and blogging company AH! PR was to help the Yorkshire Fabric Shop make sure they were on the first page of Google – and ideally at the number one spot for the search terms their customers would be using to find them.

But how do you get a business to number one on Google without having to pay for a Google Ad?

You need to step back and put yourself in the customers’ shoes. What search terms would they use to find the products you’re selling?

The Yorkshire Fabric Shop in Batley sells fabric for people to make everything from curtains, cushions, clothes, toys and bags to reupholstering furniture. The company is ahead of most competitors as they have a brilliant Fabric Finder section on their website which means you can quickly find the perfect fabric from their 4,000-strong range.  They then have a samples service they send through the post in an envelope so you can be sure you have the right one before you buy a roll.

The critical way to shop now is online with delivery by mail. This means that people looking to get crafty so-to-speak during the coronavirus crisis will be using search terms such as furnishing samples through the post, upholstery samples through the post or fabric through the post.

Yorkshire copywriter Andy Hirst wrote them this blog which had all the search terms in and the result has seen them soar to number one on Google for customers using they key phrases to find what they want online.

For the search term furnishing samples through the post the Yorkshire Fabric Shop is now at number one with Next Plc (estimated monthly web traffic 77 million) at number 3 and huge online companies such as (estimated monthly web traffic 327,000) further down the list.

The Yorkshire Fabric Shop is also at number one for the search term fabric samples through the post (a search term which has almost 45 million results) and at number two for fabric through the post. The Yorkshire Fabric Shop is at number one for the search term upholstery samples through the post.

Another blog Andy has just written for the Yorkshire Fabric Shop already ranks at number 3 on Google for the search term what is velvet used for? … and that’s out of a mind-boggling 271 million results and just below the Wikipedia information on velvet.

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