"The door to most businesses now is on Google, not the high street." 


Actually, it’s not about me, it’s about you.

How can I help you? How can I get your potential clients to become actual clients?

The door to most businesses now is on Google, not the high street. You must have a strong online presence and that’s what I’m here to do, making sure every word on your website is maximised from product descriptions to blogging to attract interest and customers.

The keywords and search engine optimisation need to be spot on but everyone also has a story to tell so you need to be putting out press releases in the right style and at the right time to get that all-important publicity. The best way to do this is to have inside knowledge as to what news editors really want.

After many years leading a team of experienced journalists and running a hectic newsdesk I’ve seen the good, the bad and, let’s face it, sometimes the downright ugly when it comes to press releases. There’s no substitute for that knowledge and experience which means I can write the strongest possible press releases in the style for whatever media platform you need to target.

It all helps that I’m still a journalist at heart writing features that are published in local and regional media … here’s a story I stumbled across that just had to be told and was then widely published. http://ah-pr.com/work/how-i-got-an-exclusive-about-a-d-day-hero-who-had-never-spoken-about-his-crucial-role-on-that-historic-day-75-years-ago/

I’m doing PR now for a company that sells worldwide and has had press releases published in local, regional, national and international media as well as running the company’s 3 websites and several social media accounts. I’ve taken other clients to number one on Google by blogging for them.

I’ve applied for awards for clients which has led to two of them receiving the highest accolades in business, the Queen’s Award for Enterprise.

I’ve also scripted high profile corporate events ranging from major awards to literary lunches. I devised the Huddersfield Daily Examiner’s Community Awards while working for the newspaper which has become one of the outstanding events in the town. Since 2010 I’ve co-hosted the awards with ITN news presenter Nina Hossain and led the way nationwide by doing the awards online in June 2020.

To see how we did it go to https://reachplcevents.com/events/northwestandnorthwales/examiner-community-awards/