Freelance journalist and copywriter Andy Hirst helps leading Yorkshire business achieve a Queen’s Award for Enterprise

The deadline for this year's Queen's Awards is September 6 so contact Andy now if you need help with the application form

Freelance journalist Andy Hirst from AH! PR secures international news coverage for Yorkshire company

Specialist helicopter magazines from around the world cover story about Yorkshire invention now on board more than 20 UK air ambulances

Yorkshire freelance journalist Andy Hirst writes for regional hospitality and events magazine

Yorkshire freelance journalist Andy Hirst can write for trade magazines as well as other media such as news websites, newspapers, radio stations and TV studios

Andy Hirst from AH! PR writes publication revealing Huddersfield and Dewsbury’s top 100 businesses in 2021

Huddersfield freelance journalist, copywriter and blogger Andy Hirst commissioned by publishing giant Reach Plc to write prestigious business publication

National media coverage for another story written by Yorkshire freelance journalist, blogger and copywriter Andy Hirst

Hard-hitting story about Huddersfield food bank The Welcome Centre used by media across the country

AH! PR founder Andy Hirst providing a free PR service to Huddersfield charity

Yorkshire freelance journalist, copywriter and blogger Andy Hirst is voluntarily helping one of Huddersfield’s most-loved charities, Ruddi's Retreat.

Yorkshire freelance journalist, blogger and copywriter Andy Hirst from AH! PR profiles Huddersfield charity Andy's Man Club

Andy Hirst from Huddersfield PR agency AH! PR providing free service for charities needing publicity

Yorkshire freelance journalist, blogger and copywriter Andy Hirst from AH! PR profiles Huddersfield charity Ruddi's Retreat

Andy Hirst from Huddersfield PR agency AH! PR providing free service for charities needing publicity

Yorkshire copywriter, blogger and freelance journalist Andy Hirst appointed charity’s web editor

Former newspaper Head of Content Andy is managing Huddersfield Civic Society’s website and also writing press releases that are being used by the media

Yorkshire freelance journalist, blogger and copywriter Andy Hirst from AH! PR profiles Huddersfield charity The Welcome Centre

Andy Hirst from Huddersfield PR agency AH! PR providing free service for charities needing publicity

Yorkshire freelance journalist, blogger and copywriter Andy Hirst from AH! PR profiles Huddersfield mental health charity Platform 1

Andy Hirst from Huddersfield PR agency AH! PR providing free service for charities needing publicity

Freelance journalist Andy Hirst now a special correspondent for Huddersfield Hub

News, sport and features website set up as a not-for-profit Community Interest Company to report on the great things happening in Huddersfield

Helping a tanker company get above all its rivals on Google

Yorkshire-based blogger Andy Hirst gets client virtually to the top of Google from nowhere in just 2 weeks … here’s how it was done without spending a penny on Google Ads

Phenomenal media coverage for press release written by West Yorkshire copywriter, blogger and journalist Andy Hirst

News story about former RAF fighter pilots from Yorkshire-based company Flyby Technology using drones to fly Covid-19 Test and Trace samples to hospitals gets local, regional, national and worldwide attention

Helping the Huddersfield Examiner and the University of Huddersfield

Former Head of Content at The Huddersfield Examiner chosen to write prestigious new business publication

Huddersfield PR company AH! PR helps Yorkshire client win another business award

Andy Hirst filled in the forms for the Leeds and West Yorkshire Prestige Awards for Huddersfield company Environmental Defence Systems Ltd which sells its products worldwide

Media giant Reach PLC asked Yorkshire copywriter Andy Hirst from AH! PR to help them with their first ever online awards event

Freelance journalist Andy Hirst produced all the content from interviewing nominees to writing the script and then co-hosted the evening with ITN newsreader Nina Hossain

Yorkshire freelance journalist Andy Hirst helps internationally-renowed artist Ian Berry raise money for NHS charities

Giant animated clapping hands devised by Ian Berry projected onto buildings across Yorkshire and the UK to raise money for the NHS among those who go out and clap every Thursday. We are now putting the info and great pictures/video out to the media nationwide.

How a blog from Huddersfield copywriter Andy Hirst reached number one on Google and brought thousands of visitors to a Yorkshire company's website

Here's how getting a blog to the top spot on Google can drive hundreds (sometimes thousands) of people to your website

Here's why the Yorkshire Fabric Shop in Batley is now dominating Google top spots

The brief was to ensure blogs put The Yorkshire Fabric Shop firmly at the top of Google (without paying for ads) so online customers could quickly find them

Huddersfield PR company AH! PR helps Yorkshire Live website and Huddersfield Daily Examiner

How Huddersfield PR company AH! PR was at the centre of the Yorkshire media's quick reaction at the start of COVID-19 pandemic

Here's what national and regional journalists think of Huddersfield copywriter and blogger Andy Hirst

I've never quite read a review like the one written by respected Yorkshire journalist Tony Earnshaw before ...

Exclusive with one of D-Day's unsung heroes

A friend of my wife mentioned that her dad, Maurice Sutcliffe, was a D-Day veteran and was due to meet Prince William when veterans commemorated the 75th anniversary of the historic landings at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire on June 6. He’d travelled down for the event but shortly before 7am that morning – exactly as the D-Day landings started 75 years ago - the 97-year-old was found on the floor of his hotel room after a fall left him with face and back injuries. Maurice was so shaken up it meant he was unable to attend what would have been his first commemoration of D-Day and had to be taken home instead. I strongly felt his story should be told so went to interview him … and what he told me about his crucial role that day was truly amazing. Here it is and the links to the media coverage are at the end.

HR experts Pennine Business Partners well worth their edgy half page feature in The Huddersfield Daily Examiner

Well, using the word k***head was certainly one way to grab the attention with a not exactly subtle headline. It's more than justified in the story as this AH! PR press release features typical HR cases – the kind companies deal with day in and day out – but with some very unexpected results and HR expert Lynn Bradley explains the reasons why.

Most businesses can get publicity ... all they need is a decent tale

Pennine Business Partners in Huddersfield spotted a case about a supermarket supervisor who told a teenage colleague “I’m going to tickle you till you pee” ... and WON his employment tribunal case. Pennine Business Partners director Lynn Bradley commented on it which made a strong business story coupled with vital advice for other companies.

How being ever so humble can make you ever so successful in business

Here's a blog I've done for a client ... but it may give other businesses food for thought

5 simple tips for a great night’s sleep

You throw me a theme, I’ll write you a blog ideal for search engine optimisation to push you up the Google rankings. Here’s one I’ve done on how to get a good night’s sleep for a motivational speaker who helps major companies.

How AH! PR helped a young fashion designer into the media spotlight

A young fashion designer from Huddersfield disillusioned with the vast amount of pollution caused by the fashion industry made a fascinating feature that was published by The Huddersfield Daily Examiner.

AH! PR's exclusive interview with young cancer victim helps raise profile for several Yorkshire charities

Ryan Holland fought a tough battle against brain cancer and when it was all over sunk into a deep depression. The media is now publishing this feature revealing how he fought his way back helped by several Yorkshire charities.

Huddersfield-based PR agency AH! PR helps pioneering day care centre in Slaithwaite win prestigious Royal award

Andy Hirst filled in the forms for the Duke of York Community Initiative Award ... and then wrote the press release

AH! PR is now helping the Laura Crane Youth Cancer Trust

Here's our profile on Yorkshire cancer victim Sarah Dransfield who starred on First Dates talking about how she's overcome life's traumas and what she hopes to do next

Andy Hirst's robust riposte to website attacking his home town profiled in The Huddersfield Examiner

Website 'revealed' that Huddersfield was the second worst place to live in the UK ... but Andy from West Yorkshire PR agency AH! PR showed the so-called poll wasn't all it was cracked up to be.

Flyby Technology now recognised as the experts on drones

After Flyby Technology hit the national news when they were interviewed by the national and international media for their expert opinion on drones we followed it up with this, the 10 Golden Rules To Flying A Drone Safely, which has done well with online drone media.

How AH! PR client Flyby Technology ended up on the news worldwide

Major news organisations eager to speak to drone expert Jon Parker and his team minutes after press release sent out on breaking news story about Gatwick Airport misery

Flyby Technology hits the media heights

A news feature about how York-based Flyby Technology ( which only has instructors who are ex-military or are civilian aviation instructors has trained the newly-formed Search and Rescue Aerial Association Scotland (SARAA-Scotland) to use the remote-controlled craft to save people who are lost, missing or injured got great coverage in newspapers and online.

Worldwide media coverage for West Yorkshire company

Andy has helped Environmental Defence Systems for more than 10 years and recently successfully applied for a Queen's Award for Enterprise for one of its pioneering products

Drone magazine loved flying 'sandless sandbag' story

International online drone magazine loved this story -

Prestigious award for dyslexic entrepreneur

This press release about Richard Bailey became the business supplement front page in The Huddersfield Daily Examiner, a high school in Huddersfield wants Richard to do a talk and dyslexic charities are eager to use the story

Step by step guide on how to write that perfect press release

Andy's book How To Write The Perfect Press Release … And Get It Published is available on Amazon Kindle and was updated in August 2018.

Thriller partly based on the unbelievable yet true story of life in wartime Berlin

Andy has written a gripping thriller which is the first in a series featuring private investigator Nick Stone who is faced with the mystery of a valuable jewel and how it's putting lives in terrible danger.