May 04 2020 Number one on Google

Revealed: how to write your blogs and content to push you right to the top of the Google rankings for free

You could be this happy if you were number one on Google

You could be this happy if you were number one on Google

How do you get a business to number one on Google for free?

Ask any businesses about their ultimate marketing target and they’d say they want to be number one on Google … without having to pay for adverts.

Many businesses have found it very hard – some would even say impossible - to get to number one on Google this way which is called doing it ‘organically’ although I prefer the word ‘naturally’.

The higher you are on that first page of Google then the more clicks your business will get. There’s also an all-important element of trust here. If you’re high up then the indication is people must be using your products or services and have faith in them.

I’ve just achieved the top spot for a Yorkshire company to help them during the coronavirus crisis. The Yorkshire Fabric Shop based in Batley is at number one for two different search terms … and for one of those it’s put the company above retail giant Next. The Yorkshire Fabric Shop sells fabric for people to make everything from curtains, cushions, clothes, toys and bags to reupholstering furniture.

Like many businesses their showroom has been temporarily closed due to Covid-19 but they can still send samples and then rolls of material out through the post. This means that people looking to get crafty so-to-speak during the coronavirus crisis will be using search terms such as furnishing samples through the post, upholstery samples through the post or fabric through the post.

I wrote them this blog which has taken them to number one on Google for the search terms furnishing samples through the post and  upholstery samples through the post and second on Google for fabric through the post.

For the search term furnishing samples through the post the Yorkshire Fabric Shop is now at number one with Next Plc (estimated monthly web traffic 77 million) at number 3 and huge online companies such as (estimated monthly web traffic 327,000) further down the list.

Another blog I’ve just written for the Yorkshire Fabric Shop already ranks at number 3 on Google for the search term what is velvet used for? … and that’s out of a mind-boggling 278 million results and just below the Wikipedia information on velvet.

So how do you get to number one on Google?

It’s all about researching and including strong keywords, some clever search engine optimisation and plenty of readable content with smart headlines and tags in all the right places. Always think of what the reader wants to know – put yourself in their position before you start writing.

To find out more it’s all explained in my blog

Good luck … and if you need any help, then you know where I am at