March 04 2021

Yorkshire copywriter, blogger and journalist Andy Hirst reveals how keywords and SEO have put one of his clients high up on the first page of Google for loads of search terms

Words by Skitterphoto from Pexels

Words by Skitterphoto from Pexels

How to get in the top 5 on Google for free … and stay there


If you want to buy something, research anything or generally have a nosey then your first reaction is probably to ‘Google’ it.

Like it or not, Google is at the very heart of all we do – be that work, rest, play and shop -which is why it’s absolutely vital for businesses to have a presence very high up on that most beloved of search engines.

One of my toughest assignments was to get a company that sells alternative sandbags right in people’s faces for anyone searching under the word sandbags on Google.

The brand is FloodSax and is now number 4 – and the simple search term sandbags throws up almost 19 million pieces of information.

That puts it above the Wikipedia entry on sandbags plus lots of companies selling traditional sandbags. Rivals to FloodSax offering similar flood mitigation products are nowhere to be seen in the organic Google listing.

FloodSax is now number 2 on Google for the search terms alternative sandbags and sandbags preventing floods, number 3 on alternatives to sandbags and number 4 for sandless sandbags.

It’s been achieved through content – that’s words in all their glory – from the descriptions on the home page and About Us through to the comprehensive blog section which tackles all kinds of flooding issues.

The best part is that now FloodSax is so high up it’s likely to remain there so long as new content keeps being added to the website using vital keywords and search engine optimisation.

It also means the company doesn’t have to spend on Google Ads – and businesses can rack up a huge bill on adverts in a short amount of time – which would put them at the top of the Google page … but only for so long as the advert runs.

With organic content you’re up there potentially forever.

Every business now surely realises they must use the internet like never before to drive potential customers to their websites and the best way to do it is to keep publishing quality content such as offers, news and blogs.

When writing for business websites it’s important to publish new content regularly – at least a couple of blogs a month. By doing so you’ll come to be regarded as a leading company in what you do and the higher up Google you go, the more potential customers will view you as a respected business that people trust.

It’s always worth tweaking the words on your website too to make sure all the vital keywords are there and it’s making the most from search engine optimisation.

A writer is like an artist in that every time they go back to a piece of work they’ll see something they think will improve it … and Google likes refreshed content.

So how much does it cost to hire a professional copywriter or blogger?

Well, it can vary (not what you want to hear) but AH! PR realises how tough life is for many businesses at the moment so our prices start from just £75 per blog (what you do want to hear).

You can have a go at writing blogs yourself and here’s a great simple template on blog-writing that I’ve drawn up. 

But to make sure your blogging hits the right Google spot make sure it has the correct  keywords and search engine optimisation and is written in a style that hooks people in and makes them want to read it.

Stand back and put yourself in the readers’ place … what will they gain out of reading this?  Don’t just describe your products and services, you need to clearly explain how they will benefit your potential customers, enhance or even change their lives.

If you want to find out if I can help you simply email me at or phone on 07985 654822.