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Copywriting is all about writing words that people want to read, not what you think they should read

The best formula for copywriting … in under a minute

By Yorkshire copywriter Andy Hirst from Huddersfield PR company AH! PR

Follow this copywriting template which is good for the main copywriting tasks such as press releases, website content, blogs and promotional campaigns.

As a Huddersfield-based journalist and copywriter I'm especially keen to help Yorkshire businesses get ahead of their rivals when it comes to copywriting.

Simply put, copywriting is all about writing words that people want to read, not what you think they should read and to do this:

* Thoroughly research what you’re writing about. That means reading rivals’ websites and then producing better copy.

* Know what keywords to get in and then ease them naturally into the copy for maximum search engine optimisation to help you get to that all-important first page or even the number one spot on Google.

* Write attention-grabbing headlines that will make people want to carry on reading. Only one-in-five people tend to read the copy after reading the headline.

* Copy must be easily and quickly read and understood. Use short words and concise phrases, bearing in mind that most people will skim read. Put the most important points at the top of the copy and then the rest in descending order.

* Write in short paragraphs and make it look good by including sub-heads to make the main points stand out, photos and bullet points (yes, just like this one I’m doing now).

* Write from the point of view of the customers, answering the questions they will be asking – namely how the product you’re writing about will benefit them.

* Write in the right style for whatever you’re promoting using words everyone can instantly understand. There’s a time to be serious and there’s a time to fill the copy with humour.

* Emotion sells … just think of those tear-jerking Christmas adverts … so incorporate plenty into your copy.

* Always back up claims with proof including facts and figures, testimonials or case studies.

* End with a call to action which could be using a code to get a discount when you buy, answering a question or sending in an example of how you’ve used the product to great effect.

For more easy-to-read advice on copywriting and how it can boost your business go to http://ah-pr.com/blog/what-is-copywriting/