Blogger in Yorkshire

Yorkshire blogger Andy Hirst can save businesses a fortune in Google Ads


There is only one way to drive potential customers to your website and that’s through publishing quality content on it and one of the best ways is by blogging.

It’s that or face huge bills paying for Google Ads to try to get you to the top of Google searches for potential customers searching for the products you sell.

Yet the adverts are short-lived – once they’re gone, they’re gone – whereas with blogging the content will remain on the internet forever. If it gets high up on Google it tends to stay there because it’s right in people’s faces so new visitors will click on it again and again.

You can blog yourself and I’ve shared the definitive blogging template if you want to have a go at

Alternatively, you can let me write your blogs for you with prices starting from just £75.

Effective blogging does require knowledge about keywords and search engine optimisation along with the ability to write well in a range of styles to really make them work. They must always be written with the potential customer in mind and fully explain what’s in it for them if they buy your product instead of your rivals’.

Writing must be simple, concise and very easy-to-read and here’s my 10 top tips guide on how to do that

With blogging, the ‘proof is in the pudding’ so to speak so here are some blogs I’ve written and how they’ve shot high up the Google rankings.

A blog on Merseyside tanker company Qualitech Environmental Services’ wonderful-named fin fan cleaning service went from nowhere to number 2 on Google in less than 2 weeks

Another client is alternative sandbag company FloodSax and a blog I wrote about the wettest places in the UK is number one on Google and now drives hundreds of visitors to its website every week

A blog for the Yorkshire Fabric Shop in Batley took them to the number one spot for several search terms and this is how it was done

So, if you want me to be your blogger then simply email me at or why not even give me a call on 07985 654822.