Copywriter in Yorkshire

Andy Hirst has a great track record in copywriting for Yorkshire businesses


Copywriting is at the heart of every business and Andy Hirst from Yorkshire-based AH! PR has experience making every word count to help power clients high up on Google.

But what is copywriting?

Well, it covers everything a business does to promote itself from every word on your website to blogs, slogans, email campaigns, adverts, flyers, brochures and press releases … and a whole lot more such as social media including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

A good copywriter always keeps an expert eye on the keywords and phrases which enhance your search engine optimisation and push you right up those all-important Google rankings into the top 10 or even to number one.

For instance, one of my clients, alternative sandbag manufacturer FloodSax, is now number 3 on Google for the search word sandbags out of almost 15 million pieces of information about sandbags, number 3 for alternative sandbags and number 2 for flood prevention sandbags. It means the company is ranking high for the search terms potential clients are typing into Google, saving them from spending a fortune on expensive Google adverts.

During my career in PR I’ve designed brochures, adverts, leaflets and written content for websites that are now ranking high on Google. Copywriting skills are also vital for applying for awards and I’ve successfully applied for prestigious Queen's Awards for Enterprise for two businesses.

A copywriter also needs to be flexible to write in a range of styles and tone to capture the ethos of each client. Some need to be totally serious while others allow scope for fun and, dare-I-say, witty repartee. During my career in journalism I’ve written everything from hard news to features, food reviews and leader columns.  

That journalism background coupled with copywriting skills is also vital when writing press releases and submitting them to the media which can lead to phenomenal results

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