AH! PR pulls top magicians out of the hat


Andy Hirst from AH! PR is now writing all the press releases and sorting out the social media for magicians on UK tours.

His clients are Yorkshire-based High Jinx led by illusions master Michael Jordan who is just starting the summer season with his magic show at the iconic Blackpool Tower. Michael was so renowned for his plate-spinning skills that legendary American magicians Penn and Teller asked him to teach them how to do it.

The other is West End Magic which has been at the Leicester Square Theatre in London for the last 10 years.

It features multi award winning magician Oliver Tabor who has been a consultant for film and TV productions such as Hollywood blockbuster Now You See Me 2 and the BBC series London Spy where he taught film actor Ben Wishaw - Q from James Bond - sleight-of-hand.

Both West End Magic (https://www.westendmagic.com/) and High Jinx (https://www.highjinx.co.uk/) are also doing nationwide tours this year and have already performed dozens of shows.

Andy said: “It’s certainly a busy time for the magic shows and my role is to get them all the publicity I can which has ranged from the front cover of the Northern Echo’s what’s on magazine to stories on mainstream media sites and countless posts on Facebook sites covering events coming up in each area.

“It’s all about spreading the message far and wide and pushing each show as much as possible to try to get the magicians free editorial and a strong social media presence in each area of the country where they are performing.”

Here are links to some of the coverage achieved for High Jinx and West End Magic by Andy Hirst from AH! PR.

High Jinx







West End Magic