Andy Hirst's robust riposte to website attacking his home town profiled in The Huddersfield Examiner

So a website has just 'revealed' that Huddersfield is the second worst place to live in the UK.

Makes a strong headline – mind you it always does when a place gets a good kicking.

It was reported on a national newspaper's website so, intrigued, I thought I'd drill into the poll on to see if there's anything in it. And, er, no there isn't as the results seem to be based primarily on Facebook shares.

Treat it for what it is, something along the lines of Viz magazine that's out to caricature as many places as it can and openly admits that “all articles are written by our contributors and are for entertainment purposes only.”

In short, it's there as a big stick to try to provoke a response for it proudly boasts: “Let’s get down to the business of offending local councillors, dignitaries and meddlesome ratbags. It makes our day when they react to the new Top 10, desperately trying to polish a t**d of a town.”

And enjoy the double repetition in its introduction to Huddersfield: “Despite a solid viral sharing campaign on Facebook, last year’s cherry on top of the sh*t cake has lost the lost the top spot by just just over a 107 votes.”

Sit back and admire the contributors as some reach almost poetic heights in their eagerness to pour scorn and bile on their home town.

Sadly none seem to live in Huddersfield as the only comment they've used sums the town up with the cliché that there's “nothing but pound shops and a few coffee shops”, adding that “it’s polluted, unclean and full of idiots. It’s a horrible place to live.”

Follow the link to someone who supposedly lives here yet can't spell Primrose Hill (Primerose) or even Crosland Moor (Crossland) correctly. To keep the same theme going they also struggle with South Crosland (Crosland) and Farnley Tyas (Farnly – which, let's face it, doesn't even look right).

So when it comes to the worst of the top 10 worst surveys my vote's solidly with It's a sure fire winner.

But there's no need to react for anyone who knows Huddersfield is aware that it has some of the most talented and kind-hearted folk anywhere in the UK along with an award-winning university, stunning countryside and innovative businesses. I should know as I reported on them for more than 30 years in the Huddersfield Examiner.

It's the good people that make a place and in that respect Huddersfield is definitely in the top 10.