Tanker company was stuck at 44 on Google rankings but wanted the top spot. Here's how we got them there without spending a penny on advertising.

How we took a company from number 44 on Google to the top spot in just 3 months

Many companies would love to be number one on Google … but it often takes skill and experience to get them there.

That was the brief for my colleague Kerrie Johns from Unicorn Web Solutions and Yorkshire blogger Andy Hirst from Huddersfield-based PR agency AH! PR to push St Helens industrial tank cleaning company Qualitech Environmental Services high up Google.

At Christmas Qualitech was languishing at number 44 – so, in effect, no-one would be able to find them. After all, who bothers to go past the first page on Google?

They are now number one in just three months without having to pay for any online adverts. To get there it was a great team effort between AH! PR and Unicorn Web Solutions (http://www.unicornwebsolutions.com).

Kerrie had a good grasp of who are Qualitech’s closest rivals and she provided me with links to their web pages about industrial tank cleaning. My challenge then was to write more content – the more you write than your competitors the higher you’ll rank -  that was readable, comprehensive and flowed while hitting a high keyword count including the  phrases potential customers would be using on Google to try to find an industrial tank cleaning company.

It answered all the basic questions such as who, what, when, where and why along with customer testimonials.

So, in effect, that’s ‘front of house’ – the website page the world sees. Meanwhile, Kerrie was busy ‘back of house’ speeding up how the page loads – we needed to make it faster than its competitors. All the websites built by Unicorn have this in mind right from the start. You can have the fanciest website in the world with all kinds of gimmicks, but if it loads up too slow then it’s all a no-no.

She also made sure the page had all the tags it needs to help SEO such as alt tags which are added to an image in HTML. It helps search engines understand what an image is about and this text appears inside the image frame when the photo or video cannot be displayed.

Every page needs an eye-catching photo, video, graphic or even all three to make it look good and rank higher. Kerrie then backs this up by using those all-important keywords in Qualitech’s social media which she uses to drive even more potential customers to the webpage.

If you can get links back to your web pages from other websites so much the better, but Qualitech reached the top spot even without the links.

So, here’s the page that hit number one https://www.qualitechservices.co.uk/services/tank-cleaning

We did it for Qualitech. Now let us do it for you. All you have to do is contact me to get the ball rolling.